The Story So Far

– Only One Direction formed in early 2012 as the first One Direction tribute band in the world.

– The most recognised Tribute in the World – now the first Tribute ever to be Verified on Twitter.

– The band immediately attracted a lot of interest and were soon performing upto 7 shows a week.

– In just under 4 years O1D have performed to over half a million people and firmly established themselves as the best One Direction tribute available

– Featured on UK national radio in 2013/2014 and on Virgin Radio as part of their UAE tour.

– The band have also been featured in every major print publication in the UK aswell as countless online and many across Europe, UAE, USA & Australia.

– Due to high booking demand during 2013/2014 and the launch of the first Midnight Memories theatre tour, O1D expanded to create two casts; one named UP ALL NIGHT after One Direction’s first album and a tour cast named MIDNIGHT MEMORIES. All boys work and train together to provide the top-quality shows O1D has become known for.

– Mid 2014 the exciting new TAKE ME HOME cast were announced to cater for the growing demand in O1D internationally.

– April 2015 saw the band perform live on ITV ThisMorning, interview with every major radio station in the UK and host on BBC NewsBeat


– October 2015 – Only One Direction became the cast of the One Direction Story staring in London’s Westend

– Throughout 2016 O1D will be performing on their UK theatre tour, in London’s Westend, UAE tour, USA tour, Multiple Asian engagements, European residencies & continuing their gigs and festival bookings that have made them so popular throughout the past 4 years.

National Tribute Awards

Meet The Boys

Up All Night Cast

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Midnight Memories Cast

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Take Me Home Cast

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What's the difference between casts?

Nothing. Nada, Not a thing.

We have multiple bands because demand for our shows is so high.

All our boys are of excellent performing standard, rehearsing and working together on a regular basis.
Even are alternates are alternates because they’re so busy with their other performing commitments that they cannot commit to a regular schedule of gigs.

Everyone adds their own individual elements and unique talents to the show. So if you’re lucky enough to see more than one cast you will get to see a different flare to each performance.